Adult's Lessons

Congratulations on taking the plunge!  Whether you’ve had previous musical training or absolutely none, learning the piano as an adult is a challenging and very satisfying pursuit that opens the door to new experiences and discoveries.

Lesson Approach

In lessons, I'll work with you to understand your goals and musical preferences.  If you have no idea what these are, we can try out a variety of musical styles and adapt as we go.

Absolute beginners will start playing from the first lesson.  No previous experience is needed for this – just a willingness to try and an openness to new experiences.

Though I have a classical music background, I also use other styles of music in beginner/intermediate lessons.  This includes pop chord progressions, lead sheets, simple blues, improvisation and composition.  In this way, students get to experience a wide range of musical genres, be creative and find out what resonates with them musically.

Private Individual Lessons for Adults

Weekly lessons are ideal for making progress (especially if you are a beginner) but they do not always fit in with busy lives.  Please contact me to discuss what will work for you.

Private individual lesson lengths:

- 45 minutes - for beginners and for students who have been studying up to 4 years

- 60 minutes - for advanced students who are studying for exams (Grade 5 and above)


Learning the piano is like learning a new language with fine motor skills thrown in.  It takes time and perseverance for your brain, body and mind to process the new information and make connections.  Regular practice is where the magic happens and the rewards are huge.

What will I need at home?

You will need the following at home so you can practise between lessons:

  • An acoustic or 88 key digital piano.  A 75 key touch sensitive keyboard can be sufficient if you are just starting out and deciding if piano lessons are for you.
  • A piano stool (adjustable stools are available) or seat at the right height and a stable stand if a keyboard or digital piano is used.
  • A place to put the piano where it is possible to practise undisturbed