Piano Lessons in Greytown, Wairarapa

I teach individually tailored fun and creative piano lessons for all ages from beginners to advanced levels.  Lessons take place in my home, five minutes south of Greytown in South Wairarapa.

Though I have a classical music background, I also work with other styles of music in beginner and intermediate lessons.  This includes pop chord progressions, lead sheets, simple blues, improvisation and composition.  In this way, students get to experience a wide range of musical styles, be creative and find out what resonates with them musically.

Lesson Options

Lessons are either private individual lessons or shared lessons, where part of the lesson is shared with a friend of similar level and ability.  The shared part of the lesson covers activities such as duo playing, group improvisation, musical games and theory exercises.

There are three lesson lengths to choose from - 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes.

Find out more about the lesson approach and recommended lesson lengths for CHILDREN.

Find out more about the lesson approach and recommended lesson lengths for ADULTS.


A key part of learning to play the piano is daily practice (or near daily). 

Regular practice is where the magic happens - things that were once thought to be impossible, become possible. Progress is made and the rewards are huge!. 

For young students, parents can help out with this by creating a daily routine and helping the student stick to it.

What do I need at home?

You will need the following at home so you can practise between lessons:

  • An acoustic or 88 key digital piano.  A 75 key touch sensitive keyboard can be sufficient if you are just starting out and deciding if piano lessons are for you.
  • A piano stool (adjustable stools are available) or a seat at the right height and a stable stand if a keyboard or digital piano is used.
  • Young children may need a foot rest if they can’t reach the ground
  • A place to put the piano where it is possible to practise undisturbed